Famous Hispanic/Latina Women of NASA

Hispanic Heritage Month Due Date:______________________________

Directions: For this assignment, you will prepare a poster (8.5 x 11) on a Hispanic female scientist. In order to do your poster, you will need to research your subject. Look for personal and historical information about your assigned scientist. Gather facts about the field of science this person succeeded in. Answer the questions below on the poster.

1. Picture of scientist (10 points)
2. Name of scientist (5 points)
3. Birth date (5 points)
4. What country was this person born in? (10 points)
5. What are they famous for? (30 points)
6. A fact that you found interesting about this person OR a quote from the person (10 points)
7. List websites that you used for your research (15 points)
8. Your name and block on the bottom right corner of poster (5 points)
9. Poster MUST be on an 8 1/2 x 11 size sheet of paper. (10 points)

You will be assigned the following female Hispanic/Latina scientist:
Dana Bolles

  • Marisol Estevez Garcia
  • Imelda Terrazas-Salinas
  • Ivelisse Gilman
  • Allison Zuniga
  • Gloria Hernandez
  • Rosa Acevedo-Rodrigquez
  • Debbie Martinez
  • Amri Hernandez-Pellerano
  • Rosa M. Oseguera-Lohr
  • Madeline J. Butler
  • Mercedes Reaves
  • Otilia Rodriguez Alvarez
  • Lissette Martinez
  • Lixa Rodriguez-Ramon
  • Annie Delgado-Holton
  • Berta Alfonso
  • Olga D. Gonzalez-Sanabria
  • Diana Manent Calero
  • Grisselle LaFontaine
  • O. Lydia Del Rio
  • Dr. Marla E. Perez-Davis
  • Maria Lopez-Tellado
  • Adriana Ocampo Uria
  • Rosa E. Obregon
  • Olga M. Dominguez
  • Carmen Arevalo
  • Lourdes Miranda
  • Maria Chacon
  • Mayra N. Montrosa
  • Dr. Miriam Rodon-Naveira
  • Elia S. Ordonez
  • Laurie Carrillo
  • Monserrate Roman
  • Patricia Carreon
  • Sylvia Garza Ramirez
  • Dr. Ellen Ochoa
  • Dr. Nitza Margarita Cintron
  • Estella Hernandez Gillette

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